Our mission

Our mission is to value the natural environment while promoting contemporary business culture.

Our purpose

We work to the happiness principle: your happiness makes us happy, and our happiness makes you

Our activities

Established in 2002, EST Kinnisvara OÜ operates in the areas of property investment management
and brokering, with a focus on commercial real estate and agricultural land.

Who are we?

The EST Kinnisvara team comprises highly educated specialists with extensive experience of international business culture. Our biggest clients are from the UK, the USA, Denmark, Germany and Ireland.

We value the well-being of everyone in our company. Our keywords here are friendly communication, a contemporary working environment and flexible working hours. Sports and cultural events we enjoy with our employees and their families have become a tradition in the company.

Our portfolio

We manage a portfolio valued at approx. 23 million euros. The properties we manage include commercial and residential premises and agricultural land all over Estonia.

Our story

We began managing commercial buildings back in 2003 when we helped some Irish investors purchase the former Hansapank building at Raekoja plats 20 in Tartu. The development included everything that was required for property improvement, from cooperating with the architects and organising construction work to finding tenants and drawing up and formalising documents.
Over the years our portfolio has come to include commercial and residential premises in Tallinn, Tartu and other parts of Estonia.

In 2007 we branched out into the field of profit-yielding land improvement. Demand for the service arose due to the large proportion of non-forested land that formed part of the Irish forestry investment. We began by seeking better use for the land, the purpose being to divide it into valuable agricultural land, grassland and potential residential sites. Our desire to sell construction land led to us establishing our portal at www.maakoht.ee. One of EST Kinnisvara’s main activities turned out to be the management of agricultural land, which includes field lease, grassland mowing, applying for aid from ARIB and the maintenance of fallow agricultural land. Our portfolio includes around 2000 hectares of agricultural land all over Estonia. We have also advised to cooperation partners in Latvia and Lithuania.

The largest residential development project we have contributed to involved what are known as the
Kopli Lines in Tallinn. The project was organised in cooperation with an Irish investor. Our largest agricultural investment was the 1500-hectare Kalvi Manor complex, which we transferred to the portfolio of one of our Danish clients.


EST Kinnisvara has a long history of supporting culture. We have sponsored the internationally renowned Tartu Hansa Mixed Choir and a number of other projects.

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